Past Presidents and Retired Leaders of NCAE

We come from a legacy of fighters and change-makers and experienced organizers. We’re grateful for their support and proud to carry the torch.

A letter from the past presidents and retired leaders of NCAE endorsing Tamika Walker Kelly and Bryan Proffitt for Leadership.

Dear NCAE Family, Retired and Active,

We are writing this letter to personally endorse and encourage you to vote for Tamika Walker
Kelly (President) and Bryan Proffitt (Vice President) in the upcoming NCAE elections.
Like you,
we spent our adult lives educating the young people of this state. We also spent our adult lives
building NCAE and fighting for educators, public schools, and our students. As our organization
turns 50, and we celebrate the bold vision and hard work that birthed us, we stand behind a new
generation of leadership who share our vision and who have worked tirelessly as local presidents,
NCAE board members, and organizers who get things done. They are ready to lead with the same
passion, commitment, and work ethic that our generation brought to NCAE.

As retired and active members, we care about the future of public schools and the economic
conditions of our families. A strong NCAE built a high quality public school system and decent
conditions for our families over the last 50 years. A strong NCAE can win them back and go
further in the next 50 years. Tamika and Bryan are the leaders who can take us there. Please
support them in the upcoming NCAE elections starting at 7 P.M. on Saturday April 4th and ending
at midnight on April 14th. Please visit their website to learn more about these two fine leaders
( or have a conversation with any of us about why we are so
excited about their leadership.

All members, retired and active, can vote if they have an active email account on record with
NCAE. If you do not receive an email on the evening of April 4th, let one of us know, and we will
assist you.

In This Together,

Cecil Banks

NCAE Past President

Joyce Elliott

NCAE Past President

Karen Garr

NCAE Past President

Gladys Graves

NCAE Past President

Julia Kron

NCAE Past President

Rose Marie Lowry-Townsend

NCAE Past President

John I. Wilson

NCAE Past President

Anna Austin

Buncombe Co. NCAE Past President

Sid Baker

Former NCAE Board Member

Rebecca Banks

Former NEA Director

Gaynell Wiley Bigelow

Caswell Co. RSP President

Jim Brooks

2009 NEA Excellence in
Teaching Award

Rukiya Dillahunt

Wake Co. NCAE Past

Mary June Greene

NC RSP Past Region Director

Steve Hansel

Former NCAE Board Member

Sandra Hatley

NCRSP Region 1B Director

Dorsey Harris

Retired NCAE UniServ

Paula Harrison

Alamance-Burlington RSP

Linda Ingle

Charlotte-Mecklenburg NCAE

Lynn Shoemaker

New Hanover NCAE Past

Betsy Wells

Cleveland County RSP

Sandy Younce

Retired NCAE UniServ
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